Taylor Street

Located in the picturesque coastal town of Kiama NSW. Both home owners had owned several properties prior, but this was now the dream home where they can slowly wind down amongst the laid-back nature of the surrounding neighbourhood.

The design brief contained two parts. Upstairs was to be the ‘dream home’, a representation of their personalities and a place they could enjoy with their extended families.
Downstairs was to be converted from the dilapidated and unused space into rental accommodation.

The main bathroom upstairs was located the middle of the house without any access to natural ventilation. We extended the bathroom so that we could includ both a freestanding bath and double shower. We then installed a large Velux skylight to get natural light in. It also open so you can get a breeze coming into the bathroom.

Ok so let’s get to the very obvious feature in this room…no it’s not wallpaper…it’s in fact tiles! This jungle inspired tile set the them for the highlight colour of green throughout the home. You’ll see it behind the cooker in the kitchen as well.
The floor in the bathroom grounds the space with the stunning chocolate parquetry pattern. And once again it’s a porcelain tile so perfectly suited for wet areas.

The layout of the bathroom is a sure cry from what it once was. The room can now function properly with adequate space around each designated area. When lounging back in the freestanding bath looking up at the tiles you’ll feel like you’ve ducked off to a hidden paradise. The Velux skylight above the shower is also a highlight for me, not only functional but you can look up and see the stars at night.
The downstairs bathroom we kept in its original location. We stripped it out and installed all new tiles and fittings. It now has a soft palette that bounces light around.

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Interior Design & Management: Birdblack Design
Build by: Seacliff Constructions
Joinery: Marlix Bespoke Furniture & Joinery
Photography: My Little Love Photography & Little Pot Creative

Bathroom 360˚ angle 1Bathroom 360˚ angle 2