Alvan Residence


The majority of the time we are engaged to design people’s dream homes. In this case however we were engaged to transform a rundown home with the intention of immediate re-sale.

The bathroom and adjoining toilet room has been completely renovated. The style was to be modern and fresh, a space in which potential purchasers would feel like they could move in comfortably tomorrow.

Charcoal coloured tiles fill the room both on the floor and walls creating a moody feel which is perfect for a relaxing bath.

All of the fittings and fixtures are modern in appearance and certainly the freestanding bath with TV mounted above is the hero of the room.

To bring warmth in to the room a beautiful teak timber has been selected for the custom vanity and overhead mirror unit.

The bathroom has an open feel which just goes to prove that dark tiles won’t make a space look small. This modern bathroom has all of the features whilst still functioning as the main bathroom in this family home.

Interior Design: Birdblack Design
Photography: Hannah Ladic Photography