Hicks Residence


Our clients were willing to invest a lot of money into making this bathroom feel like an elegant retreat. They placed no parameters on our design and let us make the space function the best it could.The existing compartmental design was a poor use of space, additionally with wasted non-functioning areas. By removing the separating walls and relocating the linen cupboards we were able to make use of an otherwise dead-end of a hallway. This allowed us to create a large open bathroom giving privacy to the areas needed. Upon entering, you do feel as through you are walking into a 5 star hotel suite.

The original bathroom had no space to breathe in. Yet right beside it was the empty end of a hallway which was only used to access a dilapidated linen cupboard. Rather than being constricted by the existing confines of the bathroom footprint we decided to push out and make use of this precious adjoining space.

We wanted to create a sense of anticipation when walking into the bathroom. The new wall with recessed timber display shelving creates a framed focal point of the beautifully appointed vanity and dresser space whilst providing the practicality of privacy to the toilet.

We designed a ‘wet area’ layout which combines a large double bath and open shower. By doing this it completely opens the space but still functions as two separate entities.

The materials selected certainly promotes the presence of a luxurious space. The stunning porcelain floor and bath wall tiles combine seamlessly with the juxtaposition of the natural granite hexagonal tiles. The tones are cool with the warmth bring brought through via the veining in the tiles and the walnut veneer of the joinery.

To add a spark of contrast a custom living brass finish has been introduced to all of the tapware and accessories throughout.

A word from the owners:
Sarah is a highly professional, talented designer who delivered a magical bathroom for us and we would highly recommend her to anyone who wants exceptional quality in both her technical and personal skills.

Interior Design: Birdblack Design
Joinery: Marlix Bespoke Furniture and Joinery
Build: Souter Built
Photography: Hannah Ladic Photography