Eliesha Keenan Signing Out

So here I am, at a pivotal point in my career – to stay or not to stay. To spend more time working at a passion that excites me or to be more present in my toddlers’ life and watch him flourish and grow!

I am sure that there are quite a few mums out there that have come to this exact same and difficult choice, in which neither I feel is wrong or right.

Our generation has more pressure than ever to juggle both the working Mum and stay at home Mum and you know what it’s bloody hard! Hats off to you mummas out there that can have it all. I have had to do a lot of soul searching in my decision and have made the difficult choice to leave the Birdblack team (or at least for now). With another little bub due in September it is time to simplify and really enjoy these fleeting moments.

A short year ago I started my job at Birdblack. Sarah and I had bumped into each other via social media (she actually purchased a custom artwork from me) and the rest was history! I was thrilled to start my new job, however a tad scared as my little boy Caspian was 7 months old and we were going through a very difficult time with him. We had just discovered he had sleep apnea.


Caspian wired up for his sleep study

He had to wear a CPAP machine with mask every time he slept. Now if you know of someone with sleep apnea or have seen this machine, you will understand our tricky situation. I was waking up every 15minutes to half an hour through the night, then learning a new job in the day. I worked with Birdblack two days a week whilst doing kitchen design with our family business another two days a week or more.

I remember I would go to work and cry when I got home, I was just so tired!


Caspian (snork)and I with his CPAP mask

As challenging as it started out, things got easier and sleep improved and I can walk away with a wealth of knowledge of interior design that I didn’t have before.

I have learnt how to design other spaces in the home, apart from kitchens, laundry and joinery! Master bedrooms are so much fun!

I have strengthened my CAD skills drastically!!! Horayyyy …this is a drafting program that a lot of interior designers and architects use. This was the hardest aspect of my new job as I hadn’t touched it since I had finished my studies (7 years ago).

I have also learnt a lot about bathroom design and the fixtures/accessories available on the market. Toilets that massage the bum ! I mean come on, we all need one of those! Latest technology in massaging shower heads, mixing water with air- thanks Hansgrohe!


Hansgrohe “Raindance” shower head 

I also learnt a lot about the Hamptons style (Sarah’s personal favourite) and was able to design a lot of kitchens, fireplaces and bedrooms to suit this style of home.

Sarah has also left me feeling inspired. She has such a passion and drive for interior design and it’s been infectious to say the least.


when I first started with Birdblack Design at a KBDI event

Lastly, It has taught me to be present, wherever I am and that God doesn’t give you a passion and say - “here you go, now have kids and struggle” hahah

Everything has a time and place and I am so grateful for all that Birdblack has taught me. Birdblack has such a drive and future in the Illawarra and I feel so chuffed to have been a part of Sarah’s vision for her growing business.


So for now, Ciao and God bless team Birdblack!


Eliesha Keenan


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