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The Business Owner

If you’re a business owner looking to create a lasting impression on your clientele then let’s work together. Whether you have a restaurant, café or bar this package will help you create an atmosphere and style to attract customers in. From pop up coffee bars to fine dining there is no project too big or too small that’s not worth putting some design flair into. This package is bound to set you apart from your competitors and we will work with you to achieve a unique space that people will remember you for and want to return to time and time again .



Not only will you be receiving the best in designs but you’ll also have access to the latest products and finishes on the market.
As part of this set design package it is inclusive of the following;

Meeting One

In our first meeting I will come out to your project space. Here I’ll document and measure the areas that can be worked with. This first meeting is all about me finding out exactly what you are looking for. Your brief is an important starting point. In saying that, you by no means need to know every single detail but if you’ve seen things that you like or have photographs this is the best time to share them. We will discuss your budget and also time frame considerations.

Meeting Two

In our second meeting this is where the fun begins. Between our first meeting and now I will have been busily creating some designs for you. You will be shown 2-3 floorplan layouts which will show you your potential options and the possibilities of what direction we can head in. Sometimes clients fall in love with one particular design straight away. Other times they may like elements out of one or two of them so collaboratively we’ll work towards getting a final design that meets your requirements. Once a design is finalised it will be drawn to scale using CAD. You will receive an A3 copy as required of a floorplan, electrical plan, elevations and any relevant detail drawings at our next meeting.
*Should your project require council, building or development approval a price for additional drawings and application fees will be given, all dependent on the complexity of the project. This will be discussed with you at the time required before submitting applications.

Meeting Three

Selection and specification of all fittings, fixtures and finishes as required. Here you'll be choosing all of the materials that will make your project one of a kind. They will include items such as the benchtop material, cupboard finish, sinks, tapware, lighting etc Depending on your preference and budget for the project our third meeting will either be spent as a half day in the Illawarra or a full day in Sydney travelling to selected showrooms to choose your fittings, fixtures and finishes. You will be required to meet your designer at the specified showrooms, they will guide you throughout the excursion.

Option One‍
Half day excursion to showrooms within the Illawarra, selected by
Option Two‍
Full day excursion to showrooms in Sydney, selected by BIRDBLACK DESIGN.

Your designer will take note of products and their prices. These items will be documented so that you have a complete inclusions list with pricing that you’ll receive at your next appointment.
Before our next meeting your drawings will now be updated to include your fittings and fixtures selections. All bespoke items for your project will be quoted on and prices will be given to you at the next appointment.
If you would like to proceed with project management, BIRDBLACK DESIGN will arrange to meet with our selected builder at the deemed project site to obtain a labour quote. BIRDBLACK DESIGN works only with qualified and reputable trades people. If you don’t already have your own builder selected we will obtain a quote for the labour component of your project.

Meeting Four

In our fourth meeting you will now be presented with a final set of drawings with any amendments now completed. We will discuss the final costings for the inclusions list and labour prices that have been obtained. When we have finalised all design queries and final prices, the project will be ready to proceed. Final paperwork will be finalised and we will discuss start dates and expected time frames for the completed project. BIRDBLACK DESIGN will work closely with the builder, trades people and suppliers involved throughout the duration of the job as per our project management service.


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