Full Home Design

Our full home design package is certainly our most popular package. We have found that more and more clients are opting to either renovate their entire home or build a brand new one. Offering a full home package ensures all areas are accounted for, achieving a harmonious design throughout. This package is made up of a combination of our smaller packages but at a discounted rate. This design package is a base package and can be altered to suit the size of your home. If you need to add another bathroom (for example), we are quite flexible with tailoring the design package to your individual needs.



Discounted Rate $2520
Prices starting at above costs, Butler's Pantry $1100 additional

1x outdoor kitchen

Discounted Rate $1620

1x bathroom design

Discounted Rate $2430 *1


Discounted Rate $1710

1x Bedroom suite design

Discounted Rate $3420 

1x interior finishes

+ ($600 upgrade) *2

1x LIGHTING design
$1200 *3
1x ROBE design

Discounted Rate $720 *4

1x Additional joinery design $4000

Discounted Rate $3600 *5
Prices starting at above costs

1x furniture CURATION
Optional extra:

3D Rendered view of each space 

TOTAL full home design $28,900

Discounted Rate $27,120
*Design Management fees are priced per project, exclusive of the design fee.

This is a custom package so you can select which of the above packages you would like to proceed with.

1. Ensuite included in Bedroom Suite Design.
2. Window Furnishings Upgrade Option: Our recommended provider is Barnes Interiors. For an additional $600 we can arrange an in-home measure and quote (30 minutes allowed for this), as well as accompany you to Barnes Interiors to help select your window furnishing fabrics (up to one hour allowed for this meeting).
3. $1200 per floor level of house.
4. This price is per additional robe wall-to-wall style, walk-in-design $400 additional. A walk-in-robe design is included in the Bedroom Suite Design Package.
5. Areas that could be included but not limited to: Study, Library, Mudroom, Home theatre, Fireplace, Cellar, Cocktail bar, Entertainment units, Bookcases, Linen cupboards, Display units, Concept inspiration for stairs.
6. $1200 per room, allowance here is for 5x rooms, this can be added to or reduced.
7. $400 per image, allowance here is for 3x rooms – Kitchen, Main Bathroom, Ensuite, this can be added to or reduced.

Meeting One

In our first meeting, we will come out to your home (for those renovating) or to your project site if available (for those building). Here we will document and measure the areas that can be worked with. If you are building a new home, we will be working from your Architect’s or Building Designer's base floorplan. Before we meet, you will receive from us a Full Home Design Brief. In this document we ask you specific questions for each room to find out exactly what you are looking for. Your brief is an important starting point. At our first appointment, we'll talk through this document along with discussing your budget and time frame considerations.

Meeting Two

Our second meeting (held at our design studio) is where the fun begins! Between our first meeting and second meetings, we will have been busily creating designs for you. You will be shown 2-3 floorplan layouts which will indicate your potential options and the possibilities of which direction we can head in. Sometimes clients fall in love with one particular design straight away. Other times they may like certain elements out of multiple designs. Collaboratively we’ll work towards getting a final design that meets your individual requirements. Once a design is finalised, you will receive an A3 copy of the floorplan, elevations and any relevant detail drawings at our next meeting. 

*Note: At this stage of your project you are now required to select and confirm all your kitchen, Outdoor Kitchen and Laundry appliances. BIRDBLACK DESIGN can recommend appliance showrooms for you to visit in your own time. We will supply you with a list of items and sizes for you to select from.

*Should your project require council, building or development approval a price for additional drawings and application fees will be given, all dependent on the complexity of the project. This will be discussed with you at the time required before submitting applications. We work with a local Building Designer who can offer this service to you in collaboration with Birdblack Design.

Meeting Three

Now that we have finalised the floorplan of your home, it’s time for us to start adding in the detail. Between our second and third meeting, we will have drawn up all your internal room elevations. This meeting gives us time to go through each room and see your home come to life. We have now designed all of the custom joinery. In this meeting, you will be able to see exactly where each pair of shoes in your robe, cutlery trays in your kitchen and towels in your bathroom are going to be located. This will give you a greater understanding as to the overall design. This third meeting is held at our design studio.

Meeting Four

In this fourth meeting, we will arrange selection and specification of all fittings, fixtures and finishes as required. Here you will be choosing all the materials that make your project one of a kind. They will include items such as the benchtop material, joinery finishes, sinks, tapware, basins, flooring etc. Depending on your budget for the project, our fourth meeting will either be spent as a full day in the Illawarra or a full day in Sydney travelling to selected showrooms to choose your fittings, fixtures and finishes. You will be required to meet your designer at the specified showrooms, and they will guide you throughout the excursion.

Option One‍
Full day excursion to showrooms within the Illawarra, showrooms selected by
Option Two‍
Full day excursion to showrooms in Sydney, showrooms selected by BIRDBLACK DESIGN.

Meeting Five

In our previous meeting, we will have selected all the interior fittings and finishes. We now have a sound grasp on the overall look, style and colour scheme that will flow throughout your home. At this stage of the process, BIRDBLACK DESIGN will put together a selection of feature lighting for you to choose from. We leave the feature lighting to meeting five rather than incorporating it with meeting four to ensure we can take the necessary time searching for the perfect statement pieces from our exclusive suppliers. This guarantees each item will pair beautifully with what we have selected in meeting four. At this time we will look at the electrical / lighting plan, indicating the location of all light fittings, light switches and power points.​ 
Along with light fittings, we will also reveal the external finishes options. We will show you 1-2 options indicating our suggestions for your external finishes: roof, gutters, cladding, decking, window and doors frames etc. We assemble our schemes based on creating a flow-on effect from the finishes we have previously selected for the interior. We believe that a home should be a partnership between the interior and exterior.​ This fifth meeting is held at our design studio.

Before our next meeting, your drawings will be updated to include your fittings and fixtures selections. This is the largest section of work that BIRDBLACK DESIGN has to do. We spend the next period of time ensuring all your fittings work within the design when drawn to scale. This part of the process is critical in ensuring that tiles, joinery finishes, benchtops etc. are all notated in their correct locations.

If you would like to proceed with design management, BIRDBLACK DESIGN will arrange to meet with our selected builder at the deemed project site to obtain a labour quote. BIRDBLACK DESIGN works only with qualified and reputable tradespeople. If BIRDBLACK DESIGN is the nominated design manager, then all bespoke items for your project will be quoted and prices will be given to you at the next appointment. If you have your own builder, all the details can be passed on to said building company to quote using their own regular suppliers and tradespeople.

Meeting Six

You will now be presented with the final set of A3 drawings and corresponding selections list. We will discuss the final selections list inclusive of costings and labour prices that have been obtained (if applicable). When we have finalised all design queries and final prices, the project will be ready to proceed. This meeting is held at our design studio.  
If you are proceeding with Birdblack Design’s Management Service, final paperwork will be finalised and we will discuss start dates and expected time frames for the completed project. BIRDBLACK DESIGN will work closely with the builder, trades people and suppliers involved throughout the duration of the job, as per our design management service.
If you are using your own builder we will send you a dropbox link via email with all your drawings and inclusions list which you can pass onto your nominated building company.

This package can be tailored to suit the size of your own home. Please contact us with queries for tailor-made packages, as we are known for being flexible and accommodating our clients’ individual needs.


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